Design Preview: Norma/n


Twisty Cables Galore

If you love intricate cables, you’re in luck, because Norma/n is in the final stages of test knitting. This Aran-inspired sock has two large cable panels surrounded by smaller, simpler twists, all of it completed in ktbl. As you can imagine, this makes it slow going, but it has a crisp, clean look that works well with solid yarns. The cuff detailing was created specifically for peeking out of the top of boots.

Ever-so-slightly rolled cuff.

The yarn is Five Yarns Durable, which comes from an indie yarn dyer in Sofia, Bulgaria. I had the chance to visit the shop the last time I traveled the Balkans, and I highly recommend both it and Sofia in general. They’re both gems.

I expect to begin offering the pattern by the end of January 2021. And the best news? It’s free. Follow this blog to be alerted when Norma/n becomes available.

Honeycomb cable.
Five Yarns.

Bonus Pics: Sofia

The statue is fantastic, but just look at that tree.
Parks and gardens everywhere.
Ivan Vazov National Theatre.