About Melissa

Starting out as a freelance writer in 2010, I wasn’t sure where my writing journey would take me. After working many types of gigs, including fiction contest judge and copy editor, I have found my niche teaching writing and speaking to ESL students; in other words, I help English as a Second Language students become competent using business and academic language, written or spoken.

My background includes graduate courses in second language acquisition, new media, and technical editing, as well as several years spent teaching ESL overseas in Russia and Vietnam.

In my spare time, I enjoy studying French and Russian, and, of course, reading. My favorite authors include Charles Dickens, David Sedaris, Philip K. Dick, Margaret Atwood, and Colson Whitehead. I also design knitting patterns in my spare time.

On this site, you can access my portfolio, download my knitting patterns, and contact me for lessons.

Thanks for visiting.

Why knowledgeofwater?

I publish my knitting designs under the name knowledgeofwater. But what does that mean?

Simply put, it’s a reminder that water, though fluid and flexible, is powerful. Perhaps Ovid said it best: “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” In other words, be willing to put in consistent effort, and you can overcome and succeed—whether you’re knitting a sock or learning a new language.